Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Race is On!!!

My sister is due one week after me. It's her fifth and my first and she is so determined to have her baby before me. I didn't really even care who had it first until she made such a big deal about it so.... I am out to "beat" her and have this baby sooner. I've been jogging up stairs and jumping on trampolines, anything to win. Not really, but if it comes to crunch time I may need to take more extreme measures.

Pioneer Day!

It seems to me that the older you get the more you appreciate and comprehend what the pioneers went through. I was listening to a story told in church today about a woman about my age who traveled from Phoenix to Salt Lake in a wagon 7 months pregnant. And I complain about small, smooth, car rides. That's why I was born when I was. If the journey didn't kill me the people around me probably would've from listening to me whine to much. I am very grateful to them. For our 24th celebration we went to the Ivins City parade.
After the parade we went over to Chad Hansen's parent's house and got to swim in their awesome backyard. It's my dream backyard and one day I will have one similar.

Yard Saling!!!

I don't know why this whole yard sale event was so funny to me. We had a yard sale a couple of Saturdays ago and took all our stuff into town to Kate and Grahams since their house is a prime location. After we loaded everything up to take Ben and I just looked at each other and started busting up laughing about how white trash we looked driving this lovely package through town.

I'm back to blogging!

Since my last post, which was two months ago, we have moved into our remodeled home. It's great to start to feel a little more settled and be able to get ready for Annie's arrival. I will post some pictures of our house soon.