Monday, October 6, 2008

Hanging out with her cousin Sophie

K.C. (Ben's brother), Mary, and Sophie came down to visit from Jackson Hole. We were all having a great time until Annie began to cry. As soon as Annie would cry, so would Sophie. It would make Sophie really anxious and she would try and put her Binky in Annie's mouth to calm her down. Also, whenever Sophie would see me without Annie, she would get a confused look on her face and put out her arms out as if she was asking where Annie was. It was so fun to have the cousins together. I'm sure they'll have even more fun when Annie is a little more mobile.


Graham and Kate said...

That was way funny but sad to see her freak out like that! :)

We Are The Butlers said...

They are so cute. How fun to have them so close. Now Kate needs a little bro to add to the mix.